Wasp Control Practices That Are Eco Friendly

Wasp Infection can be a big problem on every land. They destroy the crops and lead to loss of crops and also cause loss of financial resources. Many other pests carry bacteria that can cause diseases to people. Some of these diseases can be even life-threatening if such wasps are not controlled or treated properly. Keeping this in mind, it is important to find eco-friendly wasp control solutions.

Proper wasp control in Melbourne ensures that your crops and even your home are safe, clean, and healthy. However, many pesticides are not safe and can cause cancer to human beings. Therefore, we must turn to eco-friendly pest control companies in Melbourne that will be safe for your health and also for the environment.

Natural environment-friendly practices may not be fast but prove to be effective over time. Some of the most common methods are:

  • Insectary Plants: Insectary plants attract beneficial bugs to the garden. The common insectary plants are rosemary, mint, or marigold. Such plants produce nectar and attract a honey bee. Honey bees act as a good pollinator and help to keep the pest away.
  • Diatomaceous Earth: This is the common wasp control practice followed by companies in Melbourne. Diatomaceous Earth is a safe powder that is made from microscopic silica shells of algae. These shells are generally covered with projections and inflict damage to the cuticle of the insect. The pests leak some type of body fluid that results in dehydration and causes death. However, diatomaceous earth is not poisonous and causes physical damage to the pest. 
  • Attract Birds and Mammals: It is very important to have an environment that will attract birds and mammals. This will naturally control pests. You can install nesting boxes or bird feeders to attract birds. Birds help to get rid of wasps and other pests that may harm your plants.
  • Neem Oil: Many pest control companies also use neem oil to control wasps. Neem oil acts as a poison and repellent for numerous insects. Neem oil sterilizes and also stops the growth cycle of insects. 
  • Insecticidal Oil: Insecticidal oil acts by suffocating the pests. This eco-friendly wasp control method in Melbourne is famous for a long time. Insecticidal oil cuts the oxygen supply to the insects. Primarily such oil kills the eggs that are not fully matured. 
  • Repel Birds and Rabbits: Repelling birds or rabbits is necessary as it helps to prevent great damage to your plants. Chemicals are not required to control these pests. You can use automated sprinklers or two-string electric fences or even predatory urine that will work wonders for the wasp control.
  • Hire Professional Pest Control Company: If you want to ensure that you are using the right control methods for your garden, get the best advice from professional pest control companies. As not every solution will work with everyone, thus get help from the best pest control companies. These specialists will help you to inspect your plants and will recommend the best pest control practices that will not harm your plants and health also.

Why is Chemical Pesticides not recommended?

Chemical Pesticides include chemicals that may kill the pests faster. They even contain herbicides that control weeds and insecticides that control the eradication of insects and rodenticides that control rodents. These are easily available in chemical stores and can be easily accessed. Chemical Pesticides are toxic to the environment and have the following effects:

  • Residues of pesticides find their route into the water sources like rivers, ponds and contaminate the water that we drink.
  • Chemicals present in these chemical pesticides will affect the groundwater when it goes through the soil, making the water become unsanitary and can cause health problems.

Bottom Line

To ensure that you are using the most effective eco-friendly pest control service for your garden you will first need to identify your problem. Then it becomes easier to treat them. Eco-friendly methods are non-toxic and also will not cause any harm to your health. Finally, if you are serious about your plants, hire a professional Wasp control company in Melbourne.


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