5 Reasons to Turn Your Flatbed into a Curtain Side

Are you missing business possibilities because your only trailer is a flatbed? Opting for a flatbed alone may have looked like the best choice for maximizing available freight when you bought it. Perhaps the market has changed, or the nature of the loads—tarping requirements and other disadvantages—has made owning and running a flatbed alone a less appealing proposition than it previously was. On the other hand, the cost of adding a regular vehicle and paying for maintenance, insurance, and storage on two separate trailers does not make good economic sense, especially because one of the two will constantly be idle and underutilized.

Fortunately, a middle path combines the advantages of both flatbeds and side curtains into a single vehicle. And it costs less than the cost of purchasing a completely separate second trailer. Converting a traditional flatbed to a curtain side is a simple way to have the best of both worlds in a single vehicle.

If a flatbed alone is no longer meeting your needs, here are three reasons why you should consider converting to a curtain sider:

One Trailer, Multiple Freight Options. 

You are not giving up any current business; instead, you increase you’re earning potential by making your services accessible to a broader range of shippers. A curtain side trailer has three sides that fold up to meet virtually every oversize or side-loading need that your flatbed usually handles. Then close the side curtains. There is no need for time-consuming tarping at the danger of life and limb. Strap the weight down and go.

Furthermore, if available freight necessitates the use of a traditional vehicle, you no longer have to reject the load. The curtain side readily transforms into that function as well. Curtain fabric manufacturers in Mumbai enables conventional loading and unloading from a dock by simply retracting the curtains. When the curtains are closed, it offers the shelter and security of a standard freight van.

Easy Adjustment Curve and No Surprises. 

A curtain sider modification costs a little over 2,000 pounds for a flatbed. Because of this little increase, you're still pulling the exact flatbed you've become used to. The road handling qualities remain the same, such as weight distribution, so you won't have to spend time acclimating to a whole different trailer setup. Similarly, you will be acquainted with the monthly maintenance needs, as well as any other outstanding upkeep problems connected with your current flatbed; unexpected maintenance costs or more complicated processes will not be an issue.

Easy, Uncomplicated Conversion. 

Curtain fabric manufacturers in India can perform a curtain-side conversion. Alternatively, the conversion may be provided as a kit, which many independent shops and corporate maintenance mechanics may be capable of doing. The upgrading process is standardized and straightforward, and it can be done on almost any standard-size flatbed make or model. In general, after you bring the flatbed to the approved side curtains supplier, you can expect to be back on the road in a matter of days, although with increased profit potential and simplicity of everyday operation.


The first and most apparent advantage of curtain-sided transport is its flexibility. Curtain-sided trailers combine the benefits of enclosed and flatbed trailers. As a result, it allows for fast loading and unloading and simple access to any goods being carried in the trailer.

The side curtains enable the vehicle to load and unload from either ground level when docks are occupied or non-existent. Similarly, the flexibility of curtain-sided trailers allows the driver to load goods from the top with the assistance of a crane.


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