Immigration Agent Adelaide: How They Help You to Get Australia Partner Visa

Do you want to remain in Australia with your partner? Then apply for a Partner Visa in Australia that enables de facto or married couples to enter. If you are an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, an eligible New Zealand Citizen and committed in a genuine relationship with a non-Australian then you have several options under the partner visa program. The Immigration Agent Adelaide is international experts in Australian partner (spouse) and de facto visas where they assist your eligibility for a partner visa in a professional, timely and cost-efficient manner. They help you to meet the requirements of the Department of Home Affairs for the partner and de facto visa applications. 

Access to medicare:

If the application for permanent residency in Australia has been made you are eligible to enrol in Medicare. To enrol in Medicare, applicants need to provide the following:

  • The Department of Home Affairs acknowledgement of issued application
  • The Department of Home Affairs issued bridging visa grant notification
  • Passport 

Once the application has been lodged, the acknowledgement of application received and bridging visa A grant notification is issued to an applicant or applicant’s agent, the Immigration Adelaide helps you to immediately enrol in Medicare to access benefits provided by the Australian healthcare system. 

Single visa application charge:

You apply for a temporary and Permanent partner visa together and have to pay visa application fee only once. At the time of lodgement depending on the nature of your relationship you may be granted the permanent visa immediately after the temporary visa. The Immigration SA agent helps you to get the partner visa and to meet the specific criteria when the application is lodged. The agents help you in the application process to get a permanent visa.

Unlimited work rights:

If you apply for an onshore partner visa in Australia, you may get unlimited work rights. Once you apply for a Partner visa, you may get a Bridging visa. Some bridging visas have unlimited work rights. If you apply for a partner visa, you are not limited in your selection of employers nor must you comply with any obligations regarding the duration of employment. Thus, with no limit on your right to work, you can experience the enriching and diverse working culture of Australia. 

You may live in Australia while waiting for visa decision:

Partner visa applicants onshore may be allowed to live and work in Australia while the application is being processed. The applicants for a partner visa may enjoy the freedom to live and work in Australia depending upon the visa they hold. 

Final thoughts:

There are certain requirements for your partner visa, so make your process stress free by approaching Immigration South Australia agent. 


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