Australia Visa Appeal – How Can I Appeal If My Visa Is Refused?

Visa is the process of application that takes a lot of time and energy for the person. It requires a collection of proper documents and the person can attend an interview and pay the fees for getting a proper visa for their purposes. If the person has decided to take a visa, he/she must have a proper document to apply. Because sometimes, visa cancellations must be held due to some basic reasons like name mistakes, address errors etc. If your visa application has been refused that can be a distressing experience for many people. But don’t worry you will be eligible to apply for another visa. 

As like the same, student visa is the process of application to the learning students who are planning for studying their higher studies in another country. It is combined with an educational strategy so the student must submit their proper information including educational data to the office before starting their application processes. Sometimes, A student visa cancellation must arise for many reasons like the student providing false information for his application or it will also be based on their character grounds. 

Why you need to appeal?

If the department has denied your visa application due to some reasons you must understand the mistake before appealing the denied visa decision. Because it always has the possibility of rejecting a visa for basic mistakes. You must ensure that the country will share the privilege to offer an opportunity to appeal their visa to the authority. Your visa appeal letter should be argumentative, authoritative and convincing with higher authorities. With this letter you must include some common details like:

  1. Name 
  2. Passport number
  3. Full address
  4. Date of birth
  5. Place of birth
  6. Email
  7. Phone number (email and phone number is the important part to mention in the letter)

Tips to write in an appeal letter

A visa refusal appeal Australia letter will consist of some basic details as follows:

  • Personal details – The person should write their name, surname, date and place of birth, passport number as well as their current address. Email address and phone numbers are the mandatory processes to put in the letter.
  • The date when your previous application was rejected – Kindly mention the proper date, when you received your rejection letter on the application.
  • The reason behind your visa refusal – Clearly mention why your visa has been rejected and the reason why you were not granted with the visa.
  • Why you believe the rejection was incorrect – If you feel that your application is wrongly rejected. It may raise the proper question if you believe your decision on the denial of your application. This will be the most important part so you must be aware before asking the question.
  • Your signatures – After completing all the above information you must need to take a clear print out and sign it at the end. If you are submitting your letter without signature it will be turned down. So make sure that you are filled with all the information before submitting your appeal letter.

The above-mentioned details are some common information to write your appeal letter clearly and correctly. So if you are planning to make another visa read this information carefully from top to bottom before applying.  


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