How To Choose The Best Hr Payroll Software In Malaysia?

Choosing the best HR payroll software in Malaysia is highly essential these days. Payroll forms an important segment for any business. It is critical to executing it with the least possible errors. The processing of monthly payroll takes a lot of time for the HR and finance teams for every enterprise. This necessitates cost-effective, fast, and timely payroll software to be able to bring about the necessary efficiency in the working.

Choosing The Right Payroll Software in Malaysia

Choosing perfect payroll software comes with benefits such as streamlining processes of payroll management, ensuring zero errors on payslips, and time saved. This calls for bringing in software that stimulates the growth of a company and overcoming challenges.

There are certain features of the software for the HR payroll system that need to be assessed. Some of them are mentioned below.

Easy-to-Handle Payroll Software

There is already a lot of complexity to be taken care of. Software that is easy to understand can be a stepping stone toward better operation. Calculating the compensation of employees every month needs extensive knowledge and the best payroll software will help through time optimization and better productivity. The perfect HR software is one that comes with an intuitive interface as well as a good user experience.

Possible Automatic Updating

A program or software that is easy to use and updates all relevant fields comes with many advantages. It helps companies and human resource departments optimize employee payroll management.

The HR software available in Malaysia must be able to read every employee’s profile automatically and can reflect in the payslip changes that occur in the contract’s data. It should accept monthly changes in salaries and should synchronize with the calendar of the company.

Inclusion of Contracts as one Feature

Contracts’ information is also critical to making payroll. When the software is one with the possibility of creation and management of contracts, you end up saving double the amount of time. This is even better when the database updating occurs as per the current law.

Updating with the Current Legislation

Ensure the HR payroll software in Malaysia that is up to date and that keeps up with all news such as changes in the collective agreements. This is because it is necessary to consider the current legislation in case of economic and labour issues. Otherwise, there could be serious consequences.

Also, it is further essential when the company offers flexible compensation plans since the maximum exempt amounts of taxes also change and their legislation may differ based upon the residential location. Basic data influencing employee salaries include the type of contracts, salary in kind, and agreement.


When the software is online, one can access all information from any location. It can be done on any of the devices such as a computer, mobile, or tablet. When one is busy with meetings and talking all the time, one will always have the required access to update and review information.

Safety and Privacy

The HR payroll software must adhere to all security protocols. They should ensure complete privacy of all data since personal data, payroll and contracts form sensitive information. It will help the company and the employees to manage all documents with concern.

There are several other tips that help one evaluate HR software. They are mentioned below.

  • Creation of a strategy for HR tools’ evaluation.
  • Listing organization’s needs for HR software.
  • Identification of potential vendors.
  • A team assembling to evaluate products.
  • Viewing demos.
  • Reading case studies

Other factors to consider while installing HR payroll software in Malaysia are the cloud-based feature, time and attendance integration.


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