4 Facts You Didn’t Know About Cockroaches

When we talk about cockroaches, the only word we utter about them is disgusting. Cockroaches are responsible for spreading infectious diseases. They are dangerous insects. These are mostly found in human settlements and in filthy places. These insects infest our homes and we just want to get rid of them. But you need not worry about them as Cockroach Pest Control companies in Melbourne are all set up to help you with removing these creepy pests from your premises. 

The cockroaches are just famous for spreading gook and they even belong to the family of filthiness. Near about 4600 species of this insect worldwide. But we hardly know about these insects. In this article, we will learn what we didn’t know about these insects. 

1. Can live without a head for weeks: These are the most troublesome and annoying insects, so it is challenging to get rid of them. These can survive without their heads for weeks so cutting their heads is not enough for their death. The only reason cockroaches die later is they do not have heads to eat or drink their food. We humans and cockroaches have heads. However, the use of this body part is not the same as us. 

Cockroaches do not have much blood so when their heads are cut or injured just their necks get clump, and they survive for weeks after that. Humans need mouths and noses to breathe and stay connected with their brains but cockroaches can breathe with their other body parts to survive. 

The most interesting fact about cockroaches is that their head can survive for longer if kept in a refrigerator with nutrients. So better you take help from Pest Control service provider in Melbourne to keep your house and refrigerator clean.

2. Hate human touch: Cockroaches hate when humans touch them. They just go cleaning themselves just after contact with a human. They feel it disgusting. Not only humans hate anything that touches them because they feel it treacherous for their survival. Cockroaches hate humans and humans hate cockroaches vice – versa. These do not appear to get in touch with any larger creature than these. 

They just flew away thinking it to be dangerous for their lives. One of the most affected parts of the cockroach affected by human touch is its antennae. According to some researchers, antennae are humdrum but it is the most compelling part of this insect. They use their antennae for searing their mates, smelling food, and breathing. 

3. Change gears while running: Due to their small sizes, cockroaches run fast and can cover a distance of three miles per hour. Anyone who tried to kill them would be agreeing with this. They even change their speeds while running like vehicles. 

Although cockroaches do not change gears like vehicles, they can position their legs while running and increase their speeds. They use their central leg on one side and front and hind legs on the other side of their body. During this, they even touch the ground. It uses lots of energy and makes them unbalanced. 

4. Spread the most dangerous type of allergy: Cockroaches are responsible for spreading the most dangerous allergy to the human body. It is a real fact that humans do not want cockroaches at their homes. Cockroach Pest Control services could help you deal with them as these insects' body parts and excretions consist of a type of protein that causes an allergic reaction in the human body when it reaches them. Even a dead cockroach can cause allergy when it gets in touch. 

They spread this allergy when they crawl on food and on human bodies. Most of the time crawling on a human body causes rashes on the skin and other allergies like teary and red eyes, coughing, and sneezing. This allergy further leads to an increase in the temperature of the body and causes fever. It is better to hire a professional Cockroach Pest Control company in Melbourne to keep your home safe and healthy. 


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