How To Make A Promotional Video For Your Company: 4 Steps

Creating, directing and developing a promotional video for your company on your own can be a nightmare! I mean, let's be honest you are not a Martin Scorsese or a Steven Spielberg who will create a jaw-dropping, aesthetically pleasing, high-value directed promotional video that will blow your audience's mind!

You need a reliable ad film making company helming the project as they are the ones with the required experience.

A Promo video must be creative, attention snatching, and entertaining. You don't want to bore your audience. You want them to wake up, get interested in and talk about your promo video. 

A promotional video company knows the tastes of your ideal audience. They know what will make them go “WOW! This Is What I am looking for!” And curate videos keeping these behaviours and tastes in mind.

This blog is the perfect start for those who are still living under a rock and have no idea about what a promotional video is and how you make one for your company!

What's A Promo Video?

Statistics say that 91% of consumers watch promotional videos to learn about a product or service.

A promo video is a business video intended to promote your company's products, services, relevant sale events, discounts & benefits, product demos,encouraging brand awareness, etc. to potential customers.

A Promotional Video Production Company aims to create socially relevant and conversational promo videos that make a brand impact in the audience's mind and maximise brand-customer bond.

How To Make A Promotional Video For Your Company: 4 Steps

Think of this as a quick & simple tutorial of making eye-catching and impactful promo videos! 

Step 1: List Out Your Goals

Why are You creating a promo video? What are the goals you want to achieve with this video? What will be your target audience? Do you want to invest in a promotional video production company or go the DIY Route? You must be honest and answer these questions before investing in promo videos. After doing so, you will know precisely what you are looking for and list your goals.

Step 2:  Create A Fantastic Script & Storyboard Your Vision

Would you watch a movie with a bad script? Of course not! So why will your audience watch a video that has dull writing! 

The script is the heart and soul of a promo video. Irrespective of the product or service type, ensure your script is creative, communicative, crisp and precise that communicates your exact vision and entertains the audience. 

Storyboard your vision with visual aids like graphics or title cards that help you map out all you want to feature and move ahead.

Step 3: Produce & Edit Your Video

Select your locations depending upon your vision and goals. Invest in studio spaces for abstract promo videos or budget locations for videos displaying outdoor locations. Make sure that the product or service intended to promote steals the limelight and not your locations! 

Editing is the most essential stage of a promo video. Ensure to use a conversational editing style and add the needed graphics, highlight all vital information that aims at communicating your message to the audience in a creative and fun manner.

Step 4: Promote, Promote & Promote!

Congratulations! You have successfully made a promotional video! Now all you have to do is start promoting it via displaying it on your website, sharing it on social platforms, investing in paid ads and showing your masterpiece to your audience.

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