Laser Hair Removal: Advantages, Side Effects, and Price

All about Laser Hair Removal Method

Body hair is natural and it is important to make sure we try and love ourselves the way we are. While many in today’s world are okay with body hair, some of them are not. This can be due to various reasons. While some want it for beauty reasons, others want to get rid of body hair because they feel comfortable without body hair. While there are many methods of hair removal, not everyone is comfortable or can tolerate those that involve a little pain. Before moving ahead, it is important for women to know about excess hair growth on their body -

Some of the most common hair removal methods are tweezing, shaving, and waxing. Besides all these, there is another painless method of hair removal that is gaining momentum in Millennials. Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure in which a highly concentrated beam of light is cast on the hair follicles that destroys the hair sprouting from the follicles.

One common reason why people choose laser hair removal is that it is better than other hair removal techniques. It has more precision, and in most cases after a couple of sittings, people do not see hair growth ever again. This is a major advantage for many as they feel happy from the need for visiting the salon again and again.

Where can I find laser hair removal clinics?

Laser hair removal has become a very common cosmetic procedure and if you are looking for laser hair removal in Powai, there are some good and trusted places that you can try. Laser hair removal in Mumbai is also possible with many trusted and emerging clinics and hospitals.

Where can laser hair removal be done?

Laser hair removal can be done in almost any part of the body that has body hair. It can be done underarms, legs, arms, and also bikini lines. But if you have any tattoos, it is not possible to do laser hair removal in those areas. Also do not forget about the area around your eyelids.

What are the risks involved in laser hair removal?

Every procedure that involves going against the nature of our body comes with some defects. While some of them can be adverse, some are very minimal and mild and go away within a few days or months’ time. The risks involved with a skin treatment depend on the nature and type of your skin. It can also arise with defective pre and post-procedure care. 

Some common risks involved in laser hair removal are pigmentation and skin irritation. Blistering, scarring, and crusting are very rare side effects of laser skin removal. To prevent or avoid these, one has to make sure that to get a proper and professional consultation and go only to trusted and certified clinics for this cosmetic procedure.

Does laser hair removal take away body hair permanently?

Laser hair removal seems and looks like a permanent hair removal solution but in reality, it is not. On the contrary, the nature of your body and hormones also depends on your hair growth. While for many there might be a complete stop of hair growth in the laser-treated area, others might see tiny or very mild and light hair growth, and that too after a very long time period say five or even ten years. But when compared to any other method of hair removal, laser lasts way longer and does not give back thick hair growth.

How many sessions of laser treatment should I get to get rid of my body hair?

On average, a person would require six sittings to get rid of hair growth from the hair follicles. But for many, it depends on the nature and type of their skin and so follow-up procedures are prescribed only after proper consultation from the doctor. Do not skip any if you are prescribed one. 

How do I prepare myself for laser treatment?

The foremost thing to remember before opting for laser treatment is to do proper research about the clinics. There are many places for laser hair removal in Powai and laser hair reduction in Mumbai. You can also find many best permanent hair removal solutions in Mumbai. 

Before you go for any consultation, know well about the doctor. Ask your friends and family if they have been there if there are any places that they know. Do not go by the internet and visit the doctor and the clinic in-person to know better about them.

  • Let the doctor know about any health concerns or previous history of any skin ailment. Take concerning medical files that also mention the medications that were previously prescribed to you.
  • Ask even the silliest of doubts because you cannot walk into that procedure without confidence and faith about it. Learn well about the aftercare and further sittings.

What are some Post-Treatment Tips that I can follow?

Laser treatment has long-term benefits if you look after your skin the right way post-treatment. Some of the major tips to remember are:

  • Stay away from direct sunlight as much as possible and if need be, look after your skin by covering it properly with a cloth.
  • Use all the creams and other products that the doctor prescribes. Avoid using creams that might darken your skin.
  • Do not opt for other hair removal treatments while you are taking laser hair removal treatment.

How does the Treatment Seem?

The doctor uses a handheld device that gives out laser light. The use of cooling gel or cooling tip is suggested depending on your skin type. Treating smaller areas like the upper lip or underarms may take lesser time when compared to larger and delicate places like the bikini area and legs or arms. Post-treatment you might find some redness or swelling. This is common and there is nothing to panic about. You can apply an ice pack to treat it better. 

How much does Laser Hair Removal Treatment cost?

Laser hair removal treatment depends on the nature of your hair and skin. It needs more sessions if the hair follicles are rigid while people with already thin hair can get it done with just a couple of sittings. The cost for it depends on where you want to get it done and the number of sessions required for you. It also depends on the clinic and the doctor. Do not go by the assumption that cheap clinics give better results. 

Remember that laser treatment is the fastest procedure for long-term hair removal but this does take considerate time like say five to six sessions depending on the nature of your hair growth. Make sure you go through all the sessions for the best results. Have patience and get the best results as desired.

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