Important Facts About Egg Freezing

You must have heard about fertility preservation services all over India. The term egg freezing refers to the process of freezing or preserving your eggs in advance to be used later in life. Most of the women go through the process of egg freezing today and find it an effective solution to their problems.

The egg freezing services are available today and can be availed at any moment and anywhere in India. Some of the vital facts that you need to know about egg freezing are:

Freeze Before the Age of 35

It is always good to freeze your eggs when they are young. Born with a limited number of eggs, they start diminishing as you age. As your age increases, you may be prone to get affected by stress, infections, toxins, and much more that also affect the quality of your eggs. It is important to visit egg freezing clinics so that you have appropriate information about the process and how you can avail the services.

Doesn’t Affect the Process of a Healthy Pregnancy

Sometimes, you might be worried about the quality of eggs after a certain period. The answer to this is that the process of egg freezing does not affect its quality and offers a safe and healthy pregnancy to would-be mothers. The success rates of in-vitro fertilization have increased and the results have been positive. According to the studies conducted, the frozen eggs were found to provide a healthy pregnancy to the females.

Effective Technology

In the present scenario, egg freezing is the only medical option for females to preserve their fertility. As women age, their ability to bear children also decreases and that is a matter of concern. This process is safe and is applicable only after proper testing and experimentation. The best egg freezing clinics in India have experienced and reputed doctors and embryologists at service that can guide you on how to preserve your fertility. An in-depth medical examination is conducted before providing any treatment and medical history is taken to avoid any complexities later.

Saves you Motherhood for later

If you do not wish to become a mother in the present scenario, you can easily freeze your eggs at a fertility preservation centre and save your motherhood for later. The age at which you freeze your eggs and the number of eggs that you preserve are the two important factors to keep in mind. When you freeze your eggs before the age of 35 and you opt for freezing 10 to 15 eggs, there are 60-80% chances of motherhood using these eggs in the later stages of life. 

Improved Technology

Cryopreservation of oocytes is done by the process of vitrification which achieves extremely high cooling rates. The process of vitrification has a success rate of 90% and is being used extensively today. It is done with utmost care so that ice crystals are not formed in the eggs.

Always make sure that you visit a reputed and well-established IVF clinic for your egg preservation queries and health-related issues.


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