5 Benefits of Curtains Side Box Truck

Every day, box trucks can be seen on city streets. A closer look shows that side curtains are becoming more popular on these short-haul, medium-load carriers. When transporting freight, a variety of tools may be used to complete the job. Flat decks, dry trailers, and refrigerated trucks all benefit, but curtain side trucks will mix these benefits. Curtain fabric manufacturers in India ensure the curtains protection of a dry van with a flat deck's comfort. When it comes to delivering the freight to its destination safely and on schedule, using the right transportation equipment is critical. Several of the reasons why curtains sides have become more common in that market are as follows:


Unlike a van trailer, which can be detached from the tractor and replaced with a flatbed, the freight box is permanently attached to a box truck's frame. Side curtains improve this configuration's flexibility by allowing it to accommodate both more oversized freight that requires side access to load and unload and smaller loads added and removed via the rear door, all in a single car.

The Nature of Daily Local Deliveries 

The essence of regular local delivery in a box truck typically entails carrying various loads to separate addresses in a single truck. When first-in/last-out is the standard, as is common with a box truck with one door and solid metal sides, access to shipments inside the truck can be challenging. In a curtain side body configuration, the driver can retract the side curtains at any time to gain access to any freight on the truck.

Quick Stops and Speedy Loading and Unloading 

In urban areas, where pickups and deliveries to small businesses must be made from a curb loading zone or with the truck temporarily parking on the highway, quick stops and quick loading and unloading are the norms. Off-street docks and helping hands are unavailable; the expedited alternative of retracting curtains for immediate access to the freight from the rear, then immediately pulling the curtains again and proceeding to the next stop is a significant benefit for box truck drivers and their schedulers.

Simplified Partial Deliveries

The drawbacks of first on/last offloading are no longer a problem. Multiple drop loads are easily doable from a single trailer due to independent access to all truck sections at any point along a highway.

There is no need for a tarp. Although federal laws require freight within curtain sides to be tied down, most loads can be securely strapped down quickly and easily. curtain fabric manufacturers in India spend more time working and less time fumbling through tarps cleaner work environment.

The convenience of a Flat Deck

Flat deck trucks are advantageous because they can be filled and unloaded quickly, and there are no partitions or enclosures to contend with. Forklifts and cranes will fill flat decks, allowing you to get on your way even faster. This same comfort is possible with a curtain-side truck. To load freight quickly and reliably, the curtain can be pulled back and the frames balanced. This adaptability is ideal when transporting goods that are wide in size but also need security.

Protection of a Dry Van

Dry vans have a sealed container for the storage of freight goods. Dry vans are ideal for things that can be damaged by the elements such as wind, rain, and snow. A curtain side truck has the same security level since the tarp is closely wrapped around the truck's cab. This keeps the freight from being destroyed on the way.

If you are delivering products that must be kept at a specific temperature to avoid spoilage, you should consider using a heated or refrigerated vehicle. Curtain fabric manufacturers in Mumbai are an excellent example of a more reliable mode of freight transportation. They enable us to provide the safety security you need while still allowing for faster loading and unloading, ensuring that your freight arrives on time.


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