Top Vitamins For Preventing Under-Eye Dark Circles

The dark circles are well dark and there is absolutely no point in deepening them by going under a stress to reduce them. It is better to be informed about dark circles and how to reduce them with the help of vitamin intake. Most women fear this condition and even men suffer from dark circles as they start aging. Dark circles are usually a result of bad sleeping habits, sleep deprivation, allergies, nasal congestion, and also sometimes due to heredity. But most of all these tell you that you have stopped taking care of yourself and that you have to get back before it is too late. You can always consult a dermatologist performing dark circle treatment in Mumbai, but you can also have vitamins to treat them. 

Vitamins Preventing Dark Circles under Eyes

  • Vitamin K- This vitamin is a fat-soluble one and its name is derived from a German word meaning coagulation. It thins the blood so that it reaches under the eye adequately helping to avoid dark circles. Haemostasias is a condition in which blood flow is interrupted and if your dark circle has a connection with this condition, then Vitamin K is effective. There are various creams rich in vitamin K that are available in the market. Just buy one and start applying. Also, include broccoli, spinach, strawberries, avocado, and kiwi in your food as they are high in Vitamin K content. 
  • Vitamin C- Well, it is no secret that Vitamin C helps in improving skin condition and if you do not wish to undergo laser treatment for dark circles then you should start having food rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C increases the collagen level in blood which is responsible for tones skin. It also protects the skin from harmful sun rays and free radicals. The skin cream containing ascorbic acid is great for treating dark circles. It is a combination of both Vitamins C and K. it is also present in citrus fruits in great amounts like lemon. It is wise to take Vitamin C along with iron so that the paleness is replaced by glowing and healthy skin. Vitamin C serums are quite useful in treating dark circles under the eyes. 
  • Vitamins A & E- These two vitamins combined can bring about a drastic change in your under-eye dark circle condition. Vitamin E especially is known for its anti-aging qualities. These two in combination increase the blood flow in the affected area and also defends against wrinkles. These vitamins have antioxidants quality which protects the skin from free radicals. Mint leaves, pumpkin, and rosewater are all rich sources of Vitamins A and E and can be applied to achieve positive results. Also include eggs, leafy greens, olives, and asparagus in your diet. Any kind of dermatologist treatment for dark circles will include vitamin intake in the form of foods or supplements. 
  • Vitamins B3- Vitamin B3 helps in protecting the skin from sun rays and also pigmentation. It reduces inflammation which helps in diminishing the under-eye pouch. Vitamin B can be taken in the form of supplements but also can be taken through food like green peas, fish, chicken, peanuts, and sunflower seeds. It serves as an anti-aging agent too. 
  • Vitamin B12- Vitamin B12 accelerates new cell formation thus replaces the dark circles with proper glowing skin. It also works in reducing redness, dryness, and inflammation. Vitamin B12 also enhances metabolism inside the body. It can be derived from meat, liver, cheese, dairy items, and fish. 

You can always go for dark circles under eyes treatment in Andheri but having vitamins will reduce those chances. 


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