6 Innovative Packaging Design Ideas That Dive Off The Shelf

When you walk down different aisles in a supermarket, you can find various options for the same products. What makes you choose one and leave out the other? A lot of factors such as the quality, brand, and design help in making the decision. The same happens with your product too. If you want to stand apart from your competitors, the packaging and its design should stand apart and attract customers. The packaging design expresses various things such as your brand image, the quality of the product, and aesthetic appeal. The field of packaging and design is highly competitive with decade-old brand designs holding a strong place. In this post, let us take a look at six innovative brand packaging design ideas to make you stand apart.

Try biodegradable and sustainable packaging

The sale of organic products has skyrocketed in the past few years. Consumers just don’t pick something; they pay attention to the details of the products they purchase. People are conscious about the products they choose. Most people tend to avoid food wrapped in non-biodegradable plastic as they are highly aware of its long lasting effects on the environment. Packaging more on the biodegradable side is favored by people. There are biodegradable plastics and jute that can be used to pack the products. The organic packing by packaging design agency also looks classy and it conjures the idea of high-standard among people thus, making them gravitate towards your products.

Incorporate authentic design

Do you know what makes the heart of a great packaging design? It is originality, character, and memorability. The only way to shine separately from the competition is to be authentic. It’s tough to explain how to be authentic, but in one line, do something that makes your product a happy memory. Try something different by going for an uncommon design with powerful visual standards. Take inspiration from your competitors and express yourself boldly and beautifully.

Simple does the magic

When it comes to a simple design, the apple is something that pops into most people’s minds. Their design is simple and elegant both inside and outside. All they have is four elements: a mono-colored box, product name, logo, and information about the product. This is a great platform for a stunning design with a brand design agency in Mumbai.


Your packaging can be the best canvas to paint a story about your brand or the product no matter whether it is fact or fantasy. The cereal boxes and kids bites usually have stories about superheroes. Amazon and Licious used delivery boxes that told a story about people. You can try this and subtly tell a story and attract customers. The story can be about the origin of the product or the impact of the product.

Let the color pop

You would have seen products that are color-coded in the market. For instance, the base for hand wash and other body products is the same, a simple clear bottle. The color of the product alone varies, such as green is a soap while white indicates shampoo.

Use nature-inspired design

In India, iD Fresh Food is a famous brand that sells readymade batter and grated coconut. The packaging of the grated coconut is the perfect example of nature-inspired packaging. The grated coconut is packed in a coconut shell with a hygienic seal. You can incorporate such ideas into your packaging.

Bottom line

Packaging design companies work day and night to give customers the best design that makes their product one of a kind. Instead of breaking your head, you can hire a packaging design agency to create the best packaging.


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