Why Euro Cylinder Locks Are the Most Popular Choice?

A cylinder lock uses a series of length pins. These pins slide following the key inserted that helps it lock or unlock. There are many types of cylinder locks of which euro cylinder locks offer the highest security. Euro cylinder locks are the most popular because of their reliability, ease of access, and highest levels of security. These locks can easily be used in both the domestic and commercial sector and because of their wide usage they are the most versatile locks in the market. 

Types of euro cylinder 

There are mainly three types. A single-cylinder locks only from the inside and a double cylinder euro profile locks from both sides. The third type of euro-cylinder lock has a key and a thumb turn where the key is used to lock from outside and the thumb turn locks from inside. 

Factors to consider before getting a euro cylinder lock 

  • Levels of security you need 

Euro cylinder locks come in a varying level of security. We have discussed certain major types that can get you the perfect lock depending upon your security requirement.

  • 5 pin cylinders

This is the basic form of euro high profile door handles. They do provide a certain amount of security but do not match up to their expensive counterparts. These locks are suitable for indoor doors but are advised to not be used outdoors. 

  • 6 pin cylinders

A cost-effective and a slightly better option than its predecessor. They provide moderate security, however, are not sustainable against snapping, drilling, or picking. They are largely used on UPVC doors.

  • Kitemarked cylinders

These top the security game. Made with tested older thick cylinders, these type euro profile handles offer anti-drill, anti-picking, and anti-snapping functions. Although a bit on the costlier side, it surely offers value for money protection. 

  • Types of door you are securing

The kind of euro profile door handles you will use will largely depend on the door you wish to secure. 

  • Exterior doors

The exterior doors bring in the outside. Thus, it is all the more crucial to install good quality euro cylinder locks to protect your property. As stated earlier, a kitemarked cylinder euro profile handles offer the highest security that will serve your outdoor purposes. However, if not willing to spend so much, you can always go for the next better version with a 6-pin cylinder lock. 

  • Internal doors

Not many prefer to use euro cylinder locks for internal doors. However, a little amount of security is required in some regions. For such cases, 5 pin euro cylinder locks are best suited. They provide basic security and are also affordable. 

Why are euro cylinder locks so popular?

The main benefit achieved from using such a lock is that they are easily replaceable. Without any hassle to alter the door hardware, euro profile cylinder locks provide easy maintenance along with top-class security. Replacing or repairing these locks is just a turn of the key away, where when a key is turned the defective cylinder slides out automatically. Because of their easy maintenance, these are cost-effective as they can be replaced by the owners without investing in a locksmith. 

The security benefits

Locks are meant to protect and safeguard what’s valuable. But before anti-snap cylinders were introduced, locks could be easily opened. These compromised the security of the household or commercial place. The introduction of anti-snap euro cylinders in locks helps to protect not only valued properties but also you and your loved ones. Thus, choosing the right quality euro profile double cylinder lock is essential. 


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