5 Things You Should Know About The Business Talent Visa

Business talent visa Australia invites exceptional skilled and talented business persons to set-up a new business in Australia. The business 132 Visa is especially for candidates running and exhibiting a successful business career. Across the globe, Australia invites business talents to bolster the Australian economy. To get the visa for your business purpose, you need to meet its procedures and be eligible for business visa 132. The qualities to get the visa vary from type of visa and candidates. If you want to migrate to Australia to set a new business successfully, then, without any delay, approach the best migration agent. They are the experts who help you to move without any hassles. Here, let us know about the business talent visa. 

1. What does the Business Talent visa allow?

The Business Talent 132 visa allows you to set-up a new business in Australia or builds a strong network to develop an existing business in Australia. 

  • Stay in Australia
  • Study and work in Australia
  • Enrol in medicare
  • Apply for Australian citizenship if eligible

2. Who is eligible for the Business Talent visa?

The candidates who qualify the listed criteria are eligible to apply for Visa 132 Australia. 

  • When applying for the 132 Visa, the application can be inside or outside the country and not be in immigration clearance. 
  • Nominated by any state of the country or the government of the nation
  • Other business related criteria.

3. What are the types of streams?

There are two types of the stream to obtain 132 visas:

a. Significant Business History stream:

  • It makes sure that you need to do business in Australia?
  • Are you a remarkable business owner?
  • Before you are invited to apply, ensure that one or more qualifying businesses for at least2 of the 4 fiscal years and the total net assets of at least AUD 400000 as the ownership interest. The shareholding should be at least 10% if the business were a publicly listed company
  • A minimum personal asset of AUD 1.5 million and turnover of AUD 3 million of your business
  • A successful business career and no activities in the unacceptable business
  • Genuine desire to manage the business and 
  • Younger than 55 years of age or get an exemption

b. Venture Capital Entrepreneur stream

  • Australian venture capital association limited: Should source venture capital funding and become a member. For the funding, there is a formal agreement with a venture capital firm.
  • Minimum funding should be at least AUD 1 million in capitalist venture funding. Also should have a promising value business idea. 

4. What are subclass visa 132 requirements?

In order to obtain the business talent 132 visa, you need to satisfy certain specifications stated by the nation. Following the correct rules and procedures will ensure the success of your visa application. For the stream visa, i.e. Significant Business History stream and Venture Capital Entrepreneur, you must

  • Match the character and health requirements
  • Australian statement should be signed
  • Must meet the requirements of your business
  • At least you should know the functional English
  • You should submit the details of the nomination
  • While applying in the country, should ensure that no rejection or cancellation of visa happened

General Eligibility:

  • Health and character requirement
  • Functional English or pay the second VAC
  • Australian statement
  • Status of the visa
  • Details of the nomination 
  • Requirements of the business
  • The net worth of the business
  • Turnover of the business
  • Net asset of the business 
  • Age requirement

5. What happens if your visa is granted?

  • If your visa gets granted, you would be allowed to travel to and from Australia for 5 Years
  • After five years, you are eligible to apply for a resident return visa so that you can extend your visa.

Wrapping it up:

The applicants who wish to establish a new business in Australia can apply for Business Talent. Visa 132 or extend the existing one. If you want to get the visa without any delay or failure of visa, approach the right consultancy to get professional assistance. The experts guide you through the process and help to get the visa as soon as possible.


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