Alternative Option for Applying Australia Visa after Refusal

It can be a distressing experience for many people who have received news that their visa application has been refused or visa has been cancelled. It is very important to know that this news may not be the end of the road to you still being able to achieve your goals in Australia. This means that still there are alternative options available for you to pursue.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be eligible to apply for another visa. Most importantly, the questions that arise from the people are why the department refused or canceled the visa? 

Australian student visa refused- what are the major reasons?

Student visa refusal may be caused due to many reasons including the lack of supporting documents. This situation will be confusing and frustrating, especially if you don’t know about the options that are available after the visa refusal.

Having a visa refusal history can affect your future visa application. This could completely change all your plans as you may have to postpone your study plan for the time being if you are even ready to kick start your exciting study journey.

What can you do, if it happens to you? What are the options that you have after your visa is refused?

Australian student visa get refused outside of Australia

In case if your student visa is refused if you are outside Australia, you can apply for the same or the other type of visa at any time. There is no limitation when it comes to applying for a new student visa, but your information and the documentation provided to your next visa will mainly determine your successful visa application. So, make sure you think it carefully and plan everything accordingly.

Even though you are eligible to re-apply for the visa immediately, it is very important to think wisely before you choose to re-apply. Make sure you have the right documents for the next visa application.

Australian student visa get refused inside of Australia

If you are in Australia and when your visa is refused you will get an option of visa refusal appeal Australia. You will get 21 days to appeal to the migration review tribunal for a review of the decision. The processing time for the appeal can vary. Also sometimes it can take more than a year. During this, the Australian immigration department will give you a bridging visa with which you can stay lawfully in Australia. Using your bridging visa you can also continue your current study.

Migration review tribunal is a very complex process you will have to provide substantial evidence on why your student visa should not be rejected. If you provide a good submission or additional information to the tribunal, you might be able to get the visa.

The bottom lines

The migration laws in Australia are complex and are different for each case. There are several terms defined in the migration provisions. So it is recommended to seek professional advice if you have got or been affected by the visa refusal or cancellation. As being fully informed, you will get the best chance of achieving a successful solution for your case. 


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