UFED Cloud Analyzer - Unlock Cloud-Based Evidence

The world has become more sophisticated with the advent of advanced methods to store data and carry out day-day activities with mobile. With the sophistication of communication technologies, the digital investigation requires revolutionary solutions for time-sensitive and robust access of data from public and private profiles hosted in the cloud-based application and web pages. The problem arises as cloud-based systems are not always easy to reach. But it is not the case anymore with the UFED cloud analyzer. With the UFED cloud analyzer, you unlock the darkest crevices of the cloud and gain access to invaluable data. In this article, let us take a look at how the UFED analyzer helps investigators battle a crime.

Overview of UFED cloud analyzer

UFED cloud analyzer from Cellebrite allows the investigator to preserve and analyze data from public and private-account, social media, messages, file storages, webpages, and plenty of other cloud-based content with a strategically sound process. The analyzer helps you to easily search, filter, and sort data to easily identify suspects, locations, and more. The analyzer performs all the functions within the legal boundaries laid by the government.

Benefits of cloud analyzer solution

You can acquire data from various sources through a forensically sound process

Cater to cloud-based private data requests

The analyzer gathers private data according to the laid process from more than 40 popular cloud storage sources including Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, Amazon, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more. Data is extracted using the credentials provided by the subject or information extracted from digital devices.

Data collection from public-domains

The analyzer helps to capture, view, and incorporate various public data such as location information, profile, image, file, and social communications from apps like Facebook, Instagram, and more. The process of collection and review of evidence is facile with the HTML-based web pages to generate new leads.

Data preservation

You can maintain the authenticity of the entire process with the regulated strategy for the same. Every piece of data is properly hashed and can be used later to compare against the source. This process helps you analyze the soundness of the forensic process and whether the data can be considered for evidence or not.

The cloud analyzer also helps the investigator to know the subject more. One can gain insights into the subject’s intention, interests, and relationships by tracking various elements like posts, likes, events, and connections. The investigator can also gain access to the text search performed with chrome and iOS. Extract information from Google history including location information of the suspect or victim from time-stamped tracking.

A unified format of data 

The data report brings the key insights to the surface by bringing them together from different sources for better analysis. The investigator can search, filter and examine data across platforms based on the timeline, file thumbnails, contacts, or maps to unknot the connections and relate the evidence.

Features of UFED cloud analyzer

• It can break passwords into hundreds of formats

• The solution works 20 to 200time faster with the hardware.

• It performs distributed attacks with excellent scalability

• It has relevant password recovery capabilities

Bottom line

The UFED cloud analyzer has on par standards compared to any other cloud analyzer. Get the most eminent analyzer for your investigation process and improve the time and speed at which you collect valuable data.


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