How do I keep my Antique Brass Door Handles Shiny?

Antique brass door handles look sleek and gorgeous with a yellow colour that resembles that of gold. They make every door look neat and stylish with a bronze shade. Plus, they are versatile in design as they work for just about every theme. While they look old and rustic, they have their own way of making any door extra special.

Since brass handles available in India are an integral part of your gate, it just makes sense to take care of them for a long time to come. Luckily, you don't need to hire experts to keep your antique door handles excellent. You should do your own washing and make your bronze door polished as fresh. Follow the instructions below to see how to make your brass handle doors shiny.

Prep Work

To clear any grease, dust, or clutter, clean the piece with wet, soapy water. Dry on a fluffy cloth. For handles and other fixtures that are difficult to remove, this can be accomplished while still connected, while commonly treated objects can need a good scrub. If the brass is lacquered or painted, soak the piece in a paint stripper overnight or wipe it off with sandpaper. You should also coat the acetone nail polish remover in hot water for a few minutes. To do this, the fixtures will have to be replaced. They are easily flammable when used with a paint stripper and acetone, and the gases can be poisonous.

Salt and Vinegar

Using salt and vinegar rub is the easiest and fastest way to get the brass shiny. Mix one-third of the salt in three sections of the vinegar and apply with a paintbrush to the brass. Malt, white wine, or vinegar cider both perform well. The acidity allows the brass to oxidize, a mechanism that easily tarnishes the brass over time. Leave overnight, scrub thoroughly before drying with a soft towel. You may also suck up brass products in a combination of salt and vinegar. Leave for at least an hour, delete the objects and bake at 450 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes. Allow cooling before buffing with a rag.

Give It a Rub

Buy a wax rub consisting of metallic powders and pigments. Most ranges come in metallic and black colours. The wax is ideal for any surface and can be rubbed by hand or with a smooth cloth before buffing away. It's going to lend a more glamorous, discreet glow to a bright yellow brass. The brass darkener is another immediate alternative. When placed in a liquid brass handles can last for a long time while maintaining their shiny appearance 

Use Paint

Using paint that imitates the colour of brass handles is another way of retaining the shine appearance. You can spray the paint to match the handles. Place it up for a more rustic theme. Start with a thin coat of black spray paint followed by burnished gold, and then a final black layer. Stop spraying so thick – the shades can mix. Leave it to dry overnight. You may also gently brush the paint off the sides with fine sandpaper to give an aged look.

Even if you choose to use a multi-step system, it is always necessary to note a few key items to prevent damaging your architectural door handles. Remember to stop using methods that contain acidic or abrasive materials because you know that the brass is not lacquered or whether you want to strip and repair lacquer or keep it lacquered. Although keeping the object lacquered can sound like a smart move to reduce cleaning problems, it also leaves the brass vulnerable and more likely to bleach or, worse, corrode.


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