The Right Time To Visit A Dermatologist In Mumbai: Know About It

The dermatologist is the type of doctor who diagnoses and treats various conditions that will affect the hair, nails and skin. They can also treat the diseases that affect the mucous membranes or the delicate tissues connecting the eyelids, mouth and nose. When you look at busy places like Mumbai, there are lots of dermatologists. So, what are the common instances to look for them? Continue reading to find them. 


It is one of the common skin conditions that will cause various blemishes on the face. It includes blackheads, pimples, whiteheads and deep cysts. These will often form due to the oil glands in the skin producing too much substance called sebum. It clogs pores, and the bacteria can also lead to acne. Commonly, you can find this in teenagers, but you cannot get it at any age. The treatment includes over-the-counter or prescription creams and gels, chemical peels, and oral medications. Also, you can look for skin laser treatment in Mumbai to get rid of it. 

Signs of ageing 

Skin experiences lots of changes as you advance in age. You may notice the wrinkles, discolourations, and dryness to often called age spots. It is the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays, and smoking can also speed up and worsen the signs. Wearing sunscreen can work to prevent sun damage. Not smoking and avoiding junk foods can work to protect the skin. However, when you are not happy with the skin tone, it is better to approach the best dermatologist in Mumbai for skin. 


Generally, Eczema causes patches of skin that will be scaly, bumpy, red, cracking and itchy. The dermatologist can look at the skin and perform the tests to diagnose eczema. If you have such issues, the dermatologist will recommend the lifestyle changes like taking cooler showers, healthy foods, etc. They may also prescribe ointments, creams or pills to overcome the issue. 

Skin cancer screening 

Skin cancer is the number-1 form of cancer among people these days. Skin cancer is hard to diagnose. The skin doctor in Andheri west will perform a complete body checkup and look for such issues. You can ask your dermatologist how often you should have the screening for skin cancer. Leaving it uncared will lead to some dangers in due course of time. 

Hair loss 

It is common even for 100 hairs to shed per day. However, development of bald patches or thinning hair could be problems and even some serious health issues. Pregnancy, stress and several other long lists of health issues can lead to hair loss. It will also be an inherited condition. To know the cause of the hair loss, you should approach the dermatologist and having the blood test and examination with the sample of tissue from the scalp under the microscope will help you learn about it. Based on the conditions, the dermatologist will advise you and prescribe the medicines. 

The bottom line 

These days, people follow the mechanical life where they have to engage themselves in some activities throughout the day. So, they do not have essential time to care for themself. A dermatologist is the one who will care for the hair and skin. Remember that the hair and skin are not only part of the body concerning beauty, but it depends on the health factors. So, understand the right time to visit them and care for your health. 


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