Factors To Look Forward While Selecting The Perfect Pump Pump

Most of the customers get overwhelmed while selecting a pump without much knowledge about it. When it comes to the selection of pumps, more information is better. Sundry of factors play a pivotal role in the durability and efficiency of the pump. Shutting one’s eyes to these factors will turn to be a loss for the buyers. Taking a look at just the specs is not the way to purchase a pump because the specs won’t include overall operating cost, maintenance, and reliability. In this post, let us walk through some major factors that will help you avoid pitfalls during pump selection from Robushi Distributors.

The Purpose of the Pump

Before selecting the pump, you have to define the purpose of the pump is to be purchased. The following are the liquid properties that you have to consider before choosing a pump

  • Liquid viscosity
  • Temperature
  • Specific gravity
  • Vapor pressure
  • Solids present & concentration
  • Shear sensitive
  • Abrasive or Non-abrasive

What Kind of Media do You Pump?

The media transported is highly important while selecting the pump. Various characteristics of the media such as viscosity (resistance to uniform flow), suction temperature, and whether it has any solid elements or not also, equally play an important role. Determine I

  • The flow rate: The flow rate of a fluid is measured in gallons per minute (GPM). For a liquid, with a high flow rate, a large pump has to be used.
  • Viscosity: for fluids with high viscosity pump with turbulent efficiency is perfect.
  • The circuit discharge length.
  • Whether there is any discharge tank?

How Critical is Your Pump?

If you own a plant, where the entire operation is dependent on pump and downtime is not an option, expensive and heavy-duty ROBUSHI Saudi pumps with special features are the cream of the crop. If pumps can be removed for maintenance, less expensive pumps can be selected.

The Sealing Requirement

Is the fluid handled hazardous or hazardous? If you can’t take any chances in handling the media, it is better to care about the sealing of the pump. Consider mechanical seals for high safety requirements.

Consider the Suction Head

The suction head is the height between the inlet pump and the suction pipe. As a rule of thumb, the suction head must not be more than 10 meters. Beyond this level, it is best to consider using a submersible pump.

Know the Different Types of Pump

Once you have decided about the technical aspects of the ROBUSHI GCC pump and the fluid process, it is time to consider the type of pump for the job. Research about the basic types of pumps that are commonly used.

Centrifugal Pump: it provides constant flow while a large quantity of fluid is processed. it offers high speed with the use of impellers such as a paddle wheel or propeller to take in the fluid. It is one of the most common pump systems that can be used for various low viscosity liquids. It can also be used for liquids with solid elements such as wastewater. The centrifugal pump is used in a wide array of industries such as agriculture, water utilities, industrial, power generation, petroleum, mining, and more.

Diaphragm Pumps: this is also known as a membrane pump. This type of pump uses a reciprocating action and a set of the diaphragm to move the fluid. The diaphragm pumps prove to be useful in pumping liquids with high solid content and high viscosity. Pharmaceuticals and resins are some of the common industries that employ this type of pump.

Other common pumps are chemical pumps, Fuel and oil transfer pumps, Circulating pumps, and drum pumps.

Bottom Line

The best pump will work at its highest efficiency in pumping the liquid that you desire. ROBUSHI Pumps Saudi offers a wide array of pumps which is premium quality. 


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