3 Essential Advantages of Viton O-Rings in the Medical Field

Silicone consists of a spine of silicon atoms with alternating oxygen atoms. Silicone is known for having one of the broadest operating temperature ranges of any elastomer, superb flexibility and low compression set characteristics. On the drawbacks, silicones have poor tensile strength, poor abrasion resistance, and low tear resistance. As such, the 'O' silicone rings can only be reserved for static sealing applications.

When the medical industry adds more additives and challenging equipment to withstand, parts and seals need to be made more stringent than ever before tackling harsh environments. Rubber o-rings are used for many sealing applications because they are readily adjustable and highly durable. However, it is essential always to consult rubber O ring suppliers before making any significant move.

Medical o-rings are usually found in various critical uses, including respiratory instruments, opioid delivery systems, pumps, fluid transport devices, and many others. For these applications to operate without loss, the correct scale, form, and material of the o-ring must be selected for the work. Here are some of the many advantages O-rings have provided to the medical industry:

O-Rings Come In All Sizes And Hardness.

If technology continues to evolve in the medical sector, more instruments are getting smaller and more intricate than ever before. With medical applications diminishing, all the supporting components need to be matched. Apple Rubber engineers micro-miniature O-ring seals for even the smallest medical instruments. From.990 mm to.305 mm, Apple Rubber provides the most extensive range of microminiature O-ring sizes for the medical industry.

Medical Grade O-Rings Are Built For Patient Safety

Medical O-rings are designed and tested to ensure that rubber compounds can be deemed medical grade. As medical seals often come into close contact with the human body, medical O-rings must be screened for biocompatibility, which means the O-ring materials do not respond to other materials or human tissue.

X Ring Suppliers ensures various tests are carried out to assess if a rubber substance should be considered medical grade. Materials for medical-grade o-rings are selected to facilitate patient safety. Apple Rubber chooses fabrics with high chemical resistance, excellent heat resistance, and low gas permeability, making them clean and robust for any medical use.

Durable and Useful Materials

In medical applications, o-rings must operate at the maximum potential to prevent leaking, cracking, or loss. That's why the material collection is a crucial phase in the creation of a medical o-ring.

Rubber O Ring suppliers provide three essential rubber compounds that vary in durometer and stiffness to work in special medical applications. These products include fluoroelastomer, ethylene-propylene, and silicone. No matter the size or shape you require, O Rings suppliers have an extensive in-house supply of regular and non-standard medical o-rings to guarantee that your medical sealing needs are fulfilled.

In conclusion, silicone O' rings can be used for high-temperature applications or where exposure to the elements may concern. The lack of tear and abrasion resistance, however, limits them to static rather than dynamic implementations. Silicone makes perfect sense as the preferred seal medium for a cost-effective static sealing solution.


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