How to Apply for Your Australian Business Visa?

Successful business owners, senior executives and investors who wish to settle in Australia could be eligible for the Australian business visa program. This program is to encourage their pathway towards the conduction of their business in Australia. Applicants who are sponsored by the state or territory government for the 132 program are eligible for direct permanent residence. Any applicant who enters Australia under the 188 program will be required to undergo a 2 stage progression for a permanent residence under Australian immigration law. This process needs a business skills provisional visa for 4 years when it continues to satisfy the requirements, before applying for the business skills permanent visa. 

Permanent resident business visas- It is also known as Australian investment visa and it is direct permanent residence. Applicants must be sponsored by the territory or state government. This category of visa is referred to as the business talent visa. 

Business skills program

The business skills program is essentially divided into 4 major categories and that is as follows. 

  • For owners or part of the owner of a particular business.
  • To a senior executive employee of a big business.
  • To individuals or business owners who are ready to invest in Australia. 
  • To people with effective business history and should have a sponsorship from a territory or state government. 


There are two stages under which the types of business visa fall. And they are temporary business visas and permanent business visas. 

Temporary business visa

There are 5 major eligibility streams to acquire a 188 business visa. They are commonly referred to as 188A visa for business and innovation stream, 188B visa for investor stream, 188C visa for significant investor stream, 188D visa for premium investor stream, 188E visa for entrepreneur stream. 

Permanent business visa

This permanent visa is also known as the 888 visa and as per the name itself, it provides permanent recognition to the business owners. And this is for the persons who come up with business and investment to settle down in Australia. 

How to apply for this visa? 

  • To apply for this visa you must fulfil the following criteria. 
  • Do check and ensure that you meet all the requirements for your subclass 188 visa stream.
  • And then submit an online application using the system from the Department of Home Affairs
  • After that, you need to send your supporting documents to the responsible section 
  • It can be beneficial to approach an immigration agency to help you with all these processes as they tend to complete the process for you. 
  • You need to submit complete and accurate personal information and information regarding your business activities. 

Eligibility criteria

As there are 5 different streams in the business innovation and investment visa, it is very important to review the requirements and criteria for the specific stream. The criteria differ for each of the streams. For example, the eligibility for the Australian investor stream substantially differs from the requirements for Australian significant investor visa stream. Processing times can vary.

Final thoughts

From the above details, you would get some knowledge about the Australian business visa and its application process. It can be useful to approach an immigration agency to have a better and smoother experience. 


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