Application of Social Media Forensics

Social media has taken over the world and our lives as a wave. It has brought the world closer with its power and not without the detrimental effects. With abundant information available on social media platforms, there is now more chance for the crimes and malicious activities to occur. Where there is a crime, there is also the inspection that can bring justice to victims and combat such occurrences in the future.

Read on more and get to know about how the investigators extract social media forensics evidence and engage in forensic analysis of social networking applications on social media. Also, know about the social media monitoring tools that are used by the investigators.

Different types of social media crimes

You know that many social media platforms and these platforms offer a lucrative platform for executing social media crimes. 

The abundance of personal information available on social networking platforms renders them a favourite of cybercriminals. A hacker can easily access, manipulate and misuse the information for various malicious activities. Here are a few types of social media crimes.


Are you not able to log into your social media account? Hacking is the primary reason behind this. Someone would have broken into your account and would have taken complete control over it.  

This occurs when,

  • One uses a public computer and forgets to log out.
  • Sharing passwords with strangers
  • Using easy to predict or the same passwords

Photo morphing

This is the use of editing to change an image into another without much difficulty. The miscreants morph the images of famous figures and upload them on websites or even use them for blackmailing for financial favours.

Ransomware and Espionage:

Social media sites prove to be the perfect ingredients for hackers and criminals where they can target a wide pool of audience. Hacking a particular social media account and demanding money from contacts is increasing everywhere. So you need to be more careful when your friend is asking for money via social media messenger instead of calling you. Also, the number of corporate espionage attacks are increasing every year. It is a form of stealing sensitive data from a competitive company or government without their knowledge.

Still there are many other types of social media crimes, including dating scams, cyber bullying and link baiting.

Social media forensics

Now that you would have known some types of social media crimes and are you considering an exit from all these? Well, it is essential to know about digital forensics. The increase in social media crimes also increased the importance of digital forensics for their investigation.

Social media forensics focuses on the retrieval of electronic evidence from social networking activities. They have specific social media monitoring tools with which they will find the suspect.

Social media forensics involves the application of cyber investigation and the digital analysis techniques for,

  • Collecting the information from social networking platforms
  • Storing 
  • Analyzing and 
  • Preserving the information 

Social media forensic is all about locating the source of electronic evidence.

Evidence collection in social media forensics

The most straightforward technique of evidence collection in social media forensics is manual collection. These basic techniques are used and are quite time-consuming. There are social media monitoring tools that offer a quicker gathering and extraction of evidence.

The anti national elements media monitoring system is now used by many agencies to monitor and analyze blogs, web portals and social media platforms and take the necessary action on the same. These will help maintain peace and help to analyze the roots of the thoughts and eradicate them from their roots.

The three primary stages of social media forensics

Generally, social media forensics has three primary stages for extraction, preservation and analysis of the electronic evidence. They are,

  • Evidence identification
  • Collection
  • Examination

Social media forensics is evolving with new techniques and methods that help to investigate social media crimes. With the latest tools, investigators extract social media forensics evidence and engage in forensic analysis of social networking applications on social media.


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