Different Things Women Need To Know About The Hair Loss

Do you find any bald spots or are you shedding more hair than usual in a day? If so, you are likely experiencing hair loss, and it is time to see a women's hair loss treatment specialist. When it is the hair loss in women, there are few things that women need to understand. There are certain types of hair loss, and several possible causes and women must know about it to prevent such a cause before it arises. Although there are tiny things that you can do to prevent hair loss, you might respond to the treatment if you get to see a dermatologist early.

What Exactly Is Hair Loss in Women?

When a woman experiences an unexpected loss of hair, it is just the typical hair loss in women. Women can shed nearly 100 strands of hair a day, and it is peculiar. It is a natural balance – some hair falls while the new ones grow in. sometimes the balance can be interrupted, which means when hair falls out only less hair grows. In such conditions, hair loss happens. Hair shedding and hair loss are completely different, and the medical term for hair loss is alopecia. Sometimes scalp thinning can occur with 20 to 50 hair loss per day too as the fallen hair does not regrow due to internal deficiencies or imbalances.

Hair grows almost on all the skin surfaces, and some are very light, fine, and short while the other strand that you see in your scalp is thicker, darker, and longer.

The Important Cycles of Hair Growth

Hair undergoes three critical cycles, and they are

  • Anagen phase: it can last from two years to eight years.
  • Catagen phase: It is time the hair follicles shrink, and it takes about two to three weeks.
  • Telogen phase: this takes about two to four months. End of the stage, you can see hair falling.

The shorter hairs that you have to take the short anagen phase, which is about one month. At the same time, your scalp hair lasts up to six years or even longer.

How Common is Hair Loss in Women?

People think that hair loss affects men more than women. But this is not true, and more than 50 percent of women experience noticeable hair loss. The most significant cause of hair loss is female pattern hair loss. This condition is seen in the lone third of susceptible women.

Causes of Temporary Hair Loss

When the hair loss is temporary, you can avoid the hair loss quickly and promote regrowth.

Tight Hairstyles

The tight ponytails, braids can cause hair loss, and it can severely damage the follicles. Changing hairstyles can help in preventing hair thinning. Remember that when the strands sustain too much damage, it can cause permanent hair loss.


The dramatic changes in the body can cause temporary hair loss. Giving birth, weight loss, specific illness, hormonal imbalance can cause more hair loss than usual. 

Other temporary causes of hair loss causes are medical therapies and toxic substances and nutritional deficiencies.

Causes of Permanent Hair Loss

The hormonal imbalance before and the after menopause can cause permanent hair loss. Look for the hair loss treatment in hormonal imbalance, and this can surely help you. When it is the female pattern baldness, it is mostly genetic, which affects the hair along the top of the women's head. This condition starts when there is a drop is n the estrogen level. A scalp injury can also cause scarring, and this can lead to permanent hair loss.

Permanent hair loss can also occur because of thyroid issues in a woman. If the thyroid gland is not working correctly and adequately, hair loss can occur. If you are experiencing severe hair fall because of the thyroid, you can look for the best hair treatment for thyroid imbalance. This will help you to get your hair back.

Therefore these are a few things that you have to know about hair loss in women. If you are experiencing hair fall or hair loss, it is time to visit a specialist. Please make sure you consult them and get rid of all the hair problems you have.


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