Things to Know About BlackBag Forensic Software

Technology has become the rule of the world. It has invaded the nooks and corners of the globe. Along with growing technology, the amount of data stored in them is double, triple, or more than that. The data stored in digital storage devices are precious for digital forensic investigators as it helps in solving cases. With challenges from all sides, the investigators need the best strategy for the recovery of data from various devices without any hassle and this is where the BlackBag comes into play. Forensic solution by BlackBag aids investigators to stride in the investigation revealing data from devices especially from Mac devices. 

Overview of BlackBag technologies

BlackBag technologies offer the best forensic solutions in the market to investigators and examiners for hassle-free and robust data recovery. The BlackBag bundles are used by investigators of various sectors including Federal, State, and Local law enforcement agencies for smooth and quick digital investigation of devices that run on Mac. The BlackBag forensic software is an important component of every forensic investigation toolbox.  

Understanding solutions by BlackBag 

Understanding the tools of forensic analysis comprises various steps which are recovery, acquisition, examination, and preservation of data. A robust forensic tool such as BlackBag forensics should be an all-rounder performing all the functions without falling short on quality and speed. The BlackBag bundle is the ideal solution for forensic imaging of Mac Devices. A complete understanding of the analytical tool including its workflow and time-taken to process data helps in choosing the right tool. Let us take a look at some features of the BlackBag bundle. 


The BlackBag macquisition is a powerful, four in one triage solution for live data acquisition, data collection, and forensic imaging of Mac devices. It is the first and only forensic solution with the ability to create physical decrypted images of the latest Mac computers by Apple using the T2 chip. It enables the investigators to capture the entire block containing information instead of accessing just the local files. It provides the option of data browsing to search through data. You can preview the data before the data is retrieved and the device is imaged.

This BlackBag forensic software for Mac runs on Mac OS X operating system and can be used to acquire data from over 185 Macintosh models.

  • Perform On-screen content triage: the investigators can browse through files using keywords and metadata before imaging the device.
  • Targeted collection of data: increase speed of extraction by the targeted acquisition of files, folders, and user information.
  • You can collect data from live systems and save the RAM
  • Easy creation of forensic images

While MacQuisition is a solution for forensic imaging of Macintosh computers, Blacklight is an analysis tool for computers and mobiles.


Blacklight by BlackBag quickly scans and analyses your computers and mobile devices. This helps the analyzers and investigators to shed some light on invaluable insights from the system. It has an easy-to-use interface and paves way for simple searching, analysis, and filtering through the data set. This is one of the best forensic solutions for smart analysis.

  • Review history for windows and apple systems
  • Full analysis and imaging support for apple systems
  • Full analysis for windows
  • Automatically bypass passwords, and resolve into windows documents, downloads, recycle bin, and more.
  • Supports a wide range of software such as iOS and Android.

Bottom line

BlackBag is so far one of the best forensic bundles that are a must-have in the forensic tool box. It leverages the forensic analysis process and gives valuable results. Mac devices are not tough to investigate, if you have the black Bag bundle. 


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