5 Awesome ideas for Jaali Balcony Design that combine safety & style!

Jaalis or lattice screens are a great addition to enhance the safety of your home without compromising on the architecture. With added grandeur and beauty, Jaalis make for an incredible decorative element that finds many applications like providing privacy and maintaining the indoor temperatures. 

In the current market, you can find Jaali designs of many different types based on the patterns and the material they are made of. Introducing a Jaali in your home’s exterior design can never go wrong and aids in improving the demeanour of your home with its elegance. 

While choosing a Jaali design, one must consider various aspects like its durability, thickness, size, patterns, etc. To help you choose the best type of Jaali for your balcony, we have compiled a list of the 5 best Jaali designs that have a perfect balance of splendour and security.

1. Metallic Jaalis 

The addition of a metal screen in your home’s exterior will give it a touch of refinement. Stainless steel is one of the most popular types of Jaali material that is used in balcony designs these days. It comes in various categories, designed to be rust-free, making it a durable choice.  

2. PVC Jaalis 

If you want your balconies to reflect unmatched aesthetics, then PVC or Poly-Vinyl Chloride is the material of choice. It is a widely used material in Jaalis as it is highly customizable and gives a smooth finish to your home.

3. Fibre cement Jaalis 

For those who are looking for a sustainable alternative, fibre cement Jaalis might be the right choice for you. These Jaalis do not use asbestos, making them safe for you and the environment. Using a fibre cement Jaali in your balcony design will not only give it a sophisticated aura but will also keep in check the health of your loved ones.

4. ACP Jaalis

One of the most popular types of Jaali used in exterior designing is Aluminum Composite Panel or ACP. They are highly durable, cost-effective, and resistant to staining. They are also very safe to use as they come with a fireproof option. If you are looking for a balcony design that is easier to maintain and adds charm to your home, then ACP is something you should consider.

5. GRC Jaalis 

GRC Jaalis are perfect for your balcony design as it is easy to clean and provides a high appeal to your home. They are used widely in balcony designs for the extra protection they provide.

With numerous options available, making the right choice for your balcony design might seem cumbersome to many people. Jaalis is a great choice to increase the safety of your home while elevating its beauty. The above list contains the best type of Jaalis that are suitable for your balcony design. They are available in various intricate designs that are highly customizable according to your needs. Add versatility to your home by choosing an opulent and classic Jaali design for your balcony. 


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