Checklist of Australian Prospective Marriage Visa 300

For the purpose of marrying a citizen of Australia, the Australian government has developed a visa that allows its holder to temporarily enter Australia. The applicant must be sponsored by the prospective partner and should marry the person before the end of the visa validity. 

For a designated time period, a holder of this visa can work inside Australia. This visa is popularly known as prospective marriage visa under subclass 300. And this is applicable to any individual over 18.

Actually, this visa is a temporary visa that allows the holder to study in Australia. If the applicant has not been engaged, married or being in a de facto relationship prior to the acceptance of the application, then only this visa is held as valid. The validity of the visa starts from the day it is issued and continues still for nine months. 

What can you do with this visa?

The visa 300 in Australia is essentially a temporary visa which is offered to the individuals who have their prospective partners to marry inside Australia. This visa requires a nomination from the future spouse and it has to be examined by the Department of Home Affairs. If you are granted a prospective marriage visa subclass 300 then you can live in Australia for 9 months.

But by this time you must marry the prospective spouse. If the applicants wish to work there, then under the law they can do that. With the help of this visa, the applicant can study in an educational institute in Australia. Without limitations, you can make a journey to and from Australia. 

The requirement for prospective marriage 300 visa

The list of documents is the proof of the claim made in the application that is required for the visa subclass 300 so it must be maintained with extreme care. The visa will only be granted after the checking of these documents. The documents that are required for the process include:

  • Should also submit the document that stands as the proof for the authenticity of the relationship.
  • Must tender proof of the age.
  • Should submit the evidence of meeting the character and health requirement.
  • Evidence to prove that there is no existence of any previous debts to the Australian government.
  • Previous visa refusal or cancellation may cause complications
  • The sponsor of the visa should be the person that the applicant is going to marry.

At least 2 Form 888 from suitable witnesses to your relationship 

Checklist of Australian prospective marriage visa 300

The application of the partner visa 300 should be strong enough without any errors and should have the necessary documents. Here is the checklist of Australian prospective marriage visa 300.

  • The proof of your prospective spouse in Australia must be provided. 
  • Your spouse should nominate you and the members of your family in writing.
  • Before the visa period ends, you should be intended to marry your spouse. 
  • You must be able to abide by the set of rules of the Australian government.
  • You must not be in Australia while applying for a visa.

Final words

From the above-mentioned details, you would know about the checklist of prospective marriage visa 300. You can make use of this to have better and proper processing of visa. 


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