4 Things to Keep in Mind with Custom Canopy Tent

Outdoor activities are more frequent than indoor events these days. When it comes to outdoor activities, canopy shades are excellent. That is because they are incredibly compact and can be used in any situation. Canopy tents are available in various shapes, sizes, and styles. And you can get any kind that fits your requirements.

It is quick to set up Canopy shades since they are adjustable. You must choose the right canopy if you want to ensure that your guests are relaxed and covered against extreme weather conditions. You can get a cool custom canopy at an incredible price. Some of the things you should look for when choosing an outdoor Canopy Fabric tent are mentioned below.


When you are buying the canopy, you should remember the architecture of the canopy. The canopy design will decide the kind of event that you are having. The type of event that can be held in it can tell you the way a canopy is customized. For example, a canopy hosting sports should have some specifics of the sport so that you can tell from just looking at it that it is a sports canopy.

Depending on your event specifications, you should be able to select the configuration of the canopy. You should also give them the idea of what the event is all about, in addition to making your guests feel better in the canopy so that they can find out what kind of event is taking place.


The majority of canopy shades come with an overhead cover and four legs. Their sizes do differ, however. Before you choose a canopy tent, you should first understand your needs. 10x10 and 12x12 are the standard sizes. But the market also has smaller sizes available. You should remember the number of guests that you are expecting at the event when selecting a canopy tent for your guests. Again, remember to think about the canopy tent's walk-in height. If you have taller visitors or family members, then ensure that you pick the correct size so that any time they walk in or out, they will not have to whack their foreheads.


The materials used to make the tent's canopy and frame differ. The traditional materials used for making the frames, however, include aluminium and steel. Iron is considerably heavier and thicker, making it suitable for windy conditions. Most of the latest models come with a powder coat to prevent rusting because steel can corrode.

On the other side, aluminium is lighter and simple to mount, but it can bend more easily than steel. Usually, the canopy is made of water-resistant fabric. Canopy fabric can come in different thicknesses and its durability and ability to resist water can be affected. So, simply, the higher the degree of thickness, the more durable it is.

The Weather Condition

You should remember the current weather situation when picking a canopy shade. You may choose either a canopy tent with walls or a canopy tent with walls. It is easy to set up and maintain a canopy tent without a wall. That is why canopies without walls are preferred by most people. If the weather conditions are a little harsh, it will be suitable for canopies with walls. They will ensure the safety of your family or visitors. 

If you prefer an open canopy or a closed canopy may also be dictated by the weather conditions. It is advisable to use a closed canopy if the weather is rainy and windy, which will keep you warm and covered. You can also consult a canopy fabric exporter to find with canopy best fits your needs


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