Questions To Ask Before Hiring Website Development Company

Searching for the best website development company in Mumbai can be a tough task, with many web development companies available at your services. This can make your web development selection process even more complicated and confusing. Although proposals offered by web development agencies play an important role, interviewing shortlisted agencies and asking them correct questions during the interview process plays an equally important role, providing insights and helping you make the correct decision. Before hiring a web developer, it is important to shortlist a few companies beforehand. Shortlisting a few companies that match your business values, website development requirements, and other needs helps you select the perfect web development company for your business needs.

1.What Is Your Website Design & Development Process Like?

The design & development process plays an important role in web development companies in Mumbai and differs agency wise. Every website development company has its individual website development and design process & nature, and they have their internal flow of work that guides every project they work on. You might like some and might dislike others. It is important for you to understand a website development company's working process and how that will impact your project. It is also imperative to know who will be involved in your project regarding how many teams, the number of people, the hierarchy of workflow, and every individual's role in handling your work project.

2. What Are The Various Web Design & Development Services You Offer?

There are lots of website development companies in Mumbai offering various web design & development services. The services differ company-wise, and you can select a company that offers all the services you want. Always pick a website development company offering UI & UX web development services and add on services such as brand designing to get a strong website and a digital makeover by redesigning your brand logos, etc. Hiring a single website development company for all your brand designing and web development services helps you have a uniform brand image and appeal. Check out our website development services. (add link)

3.Do You Have Any Prior Experiences Within Similar Industries? Have You Handled Similar Websites In The Past?

It may not look like an important question to ask. Still, firms belonging to complex industries, enterprises, or even small businesses need web design companies with experience in their industry type. It helps them communicate their website ambitions seamlessly, and the web design company is aware of the standard industry website requirements and other nitty-gritty. Web design agencies with no prior experience in your industry type will find it extremely difficult to provide rich content, website architecture, and user experience. They will have first to conduct thorough research on your industry type. But do not invest in a web design agency with vast experience only in your industry as they will not bring fresh ideas and practices to the table. Select a web development agency dealing with almost every industry and experience in almost all the industries.

4. Will My Website Be Fully Customised Or Have A "Customised Theme?

Many websites out in the digital world are considered customised websites but are actually pre-built themes customised for particular clients. Such situations occur due to budget constraints. However, if you have a considerable budget, you must ask this question as you don't expect to receive an in-built theme customised as per your requirements. To give you a clear idea of custom websites; custom websites are websites generated from scratch. They are "hand-coded" by web developers to suit your business and do not require templates constricting your needs. Flexible and easy to update, custom-built websites grow as your business grows.

5.How Long Will The Project Take To Complete? ( Realistic Expectations)

The time is taken to complete website development projects completely depend upon the scope, complexity, schedule, goals, of both the client and the web development agency's ability to hit deadlines. An understanding is required from both the Client and agency side. The potential web developer must give you the realistic time needed for completing your project and provide a standard schedule for important project milestones. Your chosen web developers must also make you understand what type of factors can cause project delays and issue arising points as well.

6.What Are Your Expectations/Demands From Our Firm Through The Project?

Remember, successful & powerful websites are not built by web development agencies alone, but by a collaborative Client-Agency effort. You must ask the requirements and effort required from your side for creating your websites, be it in terms of a company project leader who forms the point of contact between you and the web design agency to a consulting partner who helps website development agency with all company-related information, project requirements, goals, etc. You must make it very clear what type of resources, time investment and commitment will be required from your side.

7.How Will My Website Optimised For Page Speed & Search Engines?

SEO has evolved drastically over the years, with search engines constantly updating their algorithms for optimising their SEO workings. Page speed is another important factor that needs to be considered, as today's audience doesn't love waiting and want instantly loaded websites. Your chosen web design agency must ensure that your website receives high SEO rankings and loads quickly. Ask every web development agency you have shortlisted, their approach and working concerning SEO & page speed practices how they plan to earn high SEO rankings for your website and optimise it for page speed. You must analyse and understand how they optimise content and technical practices for your website's page speed performance and SEO rankings.

8.Does Your Company Offer Digital Marketing Services As Well? 

Look out for website development agencies in Mumbai who offer a powerful package consisting of website development services and digital marketing services. Investing in a single digital services providing company proves to be beneficial for you as they are your go-to people concerning all your digital-oriented goals and your company's issues. They build your website and chart out your digital marketing plans aiming to optimise your business over digital mediums. Since they have a clear understanding of your company, having made your website, they will be able to optimise your business better on digital platforms than a separate digital marketing agency.

9.What Type Of Packages Do You Offer?

Every web development agency offers various website development & design packages to suit your needs. Make sure you ask them about the different packages they offer, tell them your requirements, and ask if they can make a customised web design & development package suiting your needs and goals. Ensure you clearly understand the services are included in your package and what is not the extra costs that might come along the way, their billing and estimate handling process, and several other financial related aspects. Since you will be spending a pricey amount, ensure to know every tiny detail of how your money is being spent before you sign the contract.

10.Can You Work Within The Decided Budget Parameters?

Many firms are hesitant to share their finalised budgets with potential website development agencies. This is a wrong practice. You must specify your budget parameter well in advance to know whether or not your selected potential web design agencies can work around those parameters. If they don't know your budget plans, they will be unable to give you a proper finalised figure for the entire project that can be problematic in the future.

11.How Will You Handle Client Hosting, Security & Maintenance?

Hosting, security and maintenance are crucial critical factors impacting your website's success and performance. Many firms prefer their web development agency offering hosting services as well and managing all operations internally. Before opting for this option, it is important to check out your selected agency's hosting services. You must have a thorough look at the type of security measures being provided for protecting your website from threats and malfunctioning. Along with hosting facilities, your chosen agency must also offer backups, security and maintenance of CMS and plugins for ensuring optimised performance.

12.What Type Of Content Management Systems Do Your Recommend? Can You Provide Us With A Demonstration?

Most of the web development agencies have their preferred content management systems, and it is important to know why the agency has chosen the particular CMS and its pros and cons.

Ensure that your chosen platform's strength aligns with your website's requirements and needs. 

Ask a demonstration of their CMS workings to know the proper functioning of their CMS systems. Your firm will be using this system extensively, so your team must know how to use it correctly.

13.How Do You Ensure An Optimised User Experience On All Devices?

Responsive web designs are not only Google recommended but also a key factor of website success today. Your websites must not only be mobile friendly but also be optimised for user-friendliness on all platforms. Understand how every firm approaches mobile and user-responsive design processes and analyses their entire process before making a decision.

14.How Will, You Handle My Project? Will All Workings Be Performed In-House Or Outsourced?

All web design agencies are not fully staffed or equipped with web design experts to provide a hands-on and optimised website development service. Adding a third-party vendor for sourcing pieces of website redesigns can lead to added complexities and cost & scheduling problems. Always be well informed and knowledgeable in any third party involvement included by your chosen agency.

15.What Are Your Testing & Quality Control Checks Procedures Before Launching A New Website?

Testing & Quality checks from crucial post website services for checking your newly built websites' functioning and performance. Your websites need to operate smoothly over different devices and browsers. Your web design partners must conduct cross-browser testing on the latest chrome versions, IOS versions, Safari, Firefox, etc. Your web design partner needs to follow a checklist of quality assurance measures for ensuring that all bases are covered before launch

16.Can You Provide Client References?

Asking for client references is always a good way to judge an agency's capabilities, work process, and after work services. You can ask the provided references about their experience of working with the agency, what are the agency's strengths and weaknesses? Do they work within a budget? And other important questions as per your needs & requirements.

Hire The Right Agency By Asking Good Questions!

Asking detailed and correct questions helps you gauge your selected web development agencies' worthiness and helps you make the right decisions. You do not have to stick to the above-mentioned questions. You can add as many questions as you want for having a clear understanding of your selected website development company, helping you make smart decisions. We are a web design agency in Mumbai comprising highly skilled & experienced web developers in Mumbai and various web design services. Want to ask us the above-mentioned questions? Feel free to connect with us anytime.


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