Specifications Of Earthing Terminal Block & Its Working

Grounding or Earth Terminal Blocks are the most essential requirement in Electrical Circuit. These Terminal are in Yellow-Green colour as per industry standard and comes in profile with standard Terminal Blocks.  

Earthing Terminal Block
Earthing Terminal Block

Earthing Terminal Blocks have specially designed feet with channel clamp which connects to DIN Rail providing earth / Ground connection, there is no need of making additional busbar arrangement inside the panel for earthing requirements as the earthing connections are directly channeled to DIN Rail through these Terminal Blocks and as the electrical panels are always grounded as a standard industry practice the earthing circuit is completed. 

Earthing Terminal Blocks are available in Screw Clamp / Spring Clamp and Push-in Type connection Technology and are available for wire clamping range starting from 1.5 sq. mm to 70 sq. mm.


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