IVF Treatment for Infertile Couples with Multiple Failure of Pregnancies

The rise in infertility cases in India also caused a surge in the demand for Assisted Reproductive Treatments. The advent of science resulted in the development of new technologies that helped to treat infertility. Several top-rated IVF clinics in India help you treat infertility and to make your wish to conceive reality. 

IVF or In vitro fertilization is the process where doctors take eggs from ovaries and fertilize them with healthy sperm in a laboratory. The fertilized eggs are allowed to develop in embryos which are later transferred to your uterus. 

Factors Responsible for the Success of IVF

The doctors in IVF clinics of Mumbai will only be able to maximize the chances of you getting pregnant. But the success of IVF depends on your physiology. Certain factors play a crucial role to determine the success of the IVF process. 

  • Age and Quality of Eggs Retrieved

Age may prove to be a detrimental factor for IVF. The quality and quantity of eggs produced in the ovary lessen with age. The human egg is a complex structure. Ageing may result in abnormal egg production which ultimately leads to an underdeveloped embryo. Therefore, the chances of a successful IVF largely depended on the age of the women. 

  • Abnormal Sperms

Like an egg, the quality of sperms also plays an important role in determining success. The tail of the sperm propels it forward thereby helping the sperm to reach the egg and ultimately fertilize. But abnormalities in the sperm morphology & increased DNA fragmentation index may be one of the causes of multiple failures.

Embryo Retrieval and Transfer

IVF is performed in a controlled environment. Proper embryo retrieval and most importantly embryo transfer plays a key role in IVF success. Top IVF clinics in Mumbai with their cutting-edge technology and well-trained physicians will ensure you get to go through a smooth IVF process. 

Before considering IVF, it is essential to have thorough knowledge about the financial aspect as well as about the process. Here are certain guidelines that couples should keep in mind before entering the IVF process.

  • A good balance between personal and professional life ensures the secretion of happy hormones. This hormone helps you relax and thereby prepares your body for IVF. 
  • The repetitive trying and frequent doctor visit takes a toll on both mental and physical health. So, some of the best clinics in Mumbai may arrange counselling sessions with specialists who can guide you towards positivity. Having a positive outlook will increase the chances of embryo implantation and also smoothen the nine-month-long path. 
  • And lastly, couples should discuss in detail with doctors the success rate. 

Steps in IVF

IVF is the most common ART procedure suggested by some of the best IVF doctors in Mumbai. After a thorough diagnosis and discussion, couples can start their IVF process. 

1. Medication

Through hormonal injections, women are made to produce more eggs than normally produced. This increases the chances of retrieving more eggs. 

2. Egg retrieval

Best IVF clinics of Mumbai having all the necessary tools will conduct a minor surgery to retrieve eggs from the women. But no need to worry, the doctors ensure you are properly sedated and the process is pain-free. 

3. Fertilization 

The retrieved eggs and sperms are then fertilized under a controlled environment in the laboratory.

4. Embryo Transfer

The clinic’s embryologists follow up the development of the fertilized eggs. Based on their study, the embryologist transfers healthy embryos in the womb of the women. If the embryo gets implanted then it will show in the pregnancy test after a few days. 

Don’t let infertility stand in the way of you starting a family. With proper diet, rest, a little support, and by contacting the best IVF clinics in India you can maximize your chance of getting pregnant. 


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