Most Common Problems of Greenhouse and How to Solve Them

In the first place, farmers use greenhouses to cultivate their crops and provide insulation and protection for plants grown in greenhouses. Still, there are also several problems with this artificial climate. For example, in the case of plants growing in a greenhouse, particularly young plants, relatively short periods of high temperature or exposure to sunlight can cause severe damage to plants, and it is, therefore, essential to take adequate preventive measures.

Some plants have high resistance to light and are relatively resistant to sunlight exposure, but many need a degree of agro shade net to shield them from direct sunlight. There are many ways to protect the seedlings from the sun. When the sun is high in the afternoon, it can be shaded on the top or side of the greenhouse to prevent direct sunlight and reduce the potential for heat damage. Some of these problems include

Low-Temperature Disaster

If the cooling has unexpectedly happened, frost in the greenhouse fabrics can damage the plants. Owing to the complex and evolving weather conditions, catastrophic weather cannot be predicted correctly and promptly by relying on the weather forecast alone. The greenhouse must be fitted with a hot air blower or a hot air blower; the best can be operated automatically.


It is a huge problem that the humidity in the greenhouse is quick to generate condensation water. Humid, stagnant air environments provide ideal conditions for many germs, mainly grey moulds. Therefore, maintaining healthy air mobility is one of the main steps to minimize the incidence of diseases. One of the reasons why the condensation water in the greenhouse is easily ignored is that a heater is used to increase the greenhouse's internal temperature in winter. 

A large amount of water is created by the fuel during the combustion process. In winter, the outdoor weather is low, the greenhouse ventilation is not very good, and the air circulation is not good.

Greenhouse Space Planning

Overly burdensome management eventually leads to difficulties or a lack of interest. Although you start with a management plan, there are always obstacles that can overwhelm an inexperienced grower. Growers are also unaware of the broad green areas they want to plant, resulting in an area that is too small. But when selecting greenhouse fabrics, make sure you have enough space to grow in the future. If you want to increase the production area but cannot expand the current greenhouse area, you can only pick a second greenhouse to install.

Daily Maintenance of the Greenhouse

The greenhouse is like a house in which we work. It needs daily maintenance to keep it up to date. Agro shade net, generally speaking, maintains the inside and outside of the greenhouse, including the greenhouse structure, the heating equipment, the ventilation equipment, the water supply system, and the greenhouse's most critical environmental maintenance.

Routine Maintenance

The greenhouse must be continuously tested for damage. Glass greenhouses should be tested for integrity following strong winds. The skeleton structure of the greenhouse also requires daily inspection. Bamboo and wood structure greenhouses need to be painted periodically or anti-corrosive treatment, to fix the damage at any time. On the other side, aluminium frame greenhouses do not require much work and are relatively cheap to maintain.

Equipment Inspection

Heaters, ventilators, and irrigation systems are essential and do not regularly check and maintain. There are also containers, such as flowerpots and workshops, which also need to be sterilized. A daily inspection of the lighting system is also required to check if it is usual, and the lamp that cannot be used should be replaced in time.

Maintain the Planting Environment

In the warm and humid greenhouse climate, diseases and pests are very likely to occur and spread rapidly when the opportunity arises. It is therefore essential to keep the atmosphere clean and tidy in the greenhouse. Make the requisite plant support; trim off the points, etc. In time, weed the ground.

Greenhouse fabric cleaning in India is not as important as cleaning your house, but routine maintenance is just as necessary, making everything in the greenhouse work as usual. If you can maintain regular maintenance, it will take less time each season.


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