4 Ways to Use Metal Screens and Mesh for Best Effect

Did you know that it is possible to find a metal screen and wire mesh everywhere from contemporary buildings and contemporary interiors to warehouses, fisheries, galleries of art? Since metal screen, woven and welded wire mesh is so flexible; the consumer base of Metal is made up of a wide variety of industries and companies across the globe.

It varies from raw and utilitarian, to the finely woven mesh used for industrial filtering, including welded-wire thread. It is light and readily accessible and has a robust aesthetic kit-of-parts that has been checked through years of commercial operation. And you can be confident that it is made to last if it can endure the rigours of the commercial climate. Here are ways in which metal screens and mesh can be used effectively. 

Architects and Developers

For modern architecture, metal screen and wire mesh are a good look because they provide the perfect combination of form and function, providing the ideal aesthetic solutions in modern buildings to control light flow, ventilation, temperature, acoustics and privacy. This is why you can see a metal screen used for shielding as an external facade and wire mesh. And there is no limit to architectural imagination and jaali designs freedom with countless design choices, including custom perforations, metal finishes and even folded perforated metal.

Interior Designers

The on-trend, timeless appeal of metal screens and wire mesh is used by growing numbers of interior designers to give their rooms a distinctive finish with a contemporary industrial edge. In high-end residential and commercial properties, from furnishings and staircases to balustrades, lighting and ceiling panels, you can now find metal screens and wire mesh used as interior focal features.


Metal screens and wire mesh pliability, durability and strength make them perfect artistic materials for jaali designs. The sheer artistic possibilities and skills of artists never fail to amaze us from a full-size ancient basilica made of wire mesh to life-size animal sculptures and metal works of art. Metal screens are used to create these dreamy floating clouds. 

Industrial Companies

In industrial factories, metal screens and wire mesh have a crucial function, used in defence, ventilation, and screening and filtration machinery. There are several ready-made metal screens and wire mesh profiles in stock for immediate dispatch to ensure companies can keep going and reduce downtime.

Agricultural Farms

Due to its strength and versatility for animal movement, metal screens and wire mesh are widely used as fencing and flooring in agriculture to keep livestock secure. Products are also used in sieving and grading farm machinery.

There are various techniques available for connecting a screen to its frame and achieve the required metal screen tension, Install or alter the screen. The strategies include using mechanical fasteners and strips for hooks which you have pre-tensioned screens to handle rigid frames. To increase the service life of the pre-stressed screen, a more fragile backup screen can be mounted under the metal screen of the process in the same frame to have mechanical aid for it. 

In addition, the backup screen protects the process of direct effect and anti-blinding system abrasion.


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